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With over 200 countries across the globe, one may be wondering why on earth would anyone choose to go to Egypt to spend a holiday, why would someone even consider living in the northern part of Africa when there are many illustrious places to choose from. However, you will be amazed when you find out within the context of this article some interesting facts about living in Egypt like the official language of Egypt. Nobody does it better than Egypt when it comes to a chance to Live and Learn in Arabic

10 Interesting Things about Living in Egypt

The Cost of Living

Nobody enjoys squandering their savings or earnings but with the economical situation around the globe, one may have to consider living in Egypt because of the favorable cost of living in this part of the world. Do you wonder how that came to be? Check this out! Foreign currencies are hugely favored in Egypt because of the favorable foreign exchanges. Housing, food, transportation, clothing, personal care are all within reach and affordable in Egypt. There aren’t many places in the world whose cost of living is so much better than what you get in Egypt. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, before you secure your luxuries!

Employment Opportunities

It doesn’t matter whether or not you speak the official language of Egypt before you secure yourself a good job. Many people who are of foreign nationalities have gotten employment opportunities in diverse sectors of the Egyptian economy. Provided you’ve got the right certifications and qualifications for the job of your choice, you need not worry about whether or not there are opportunities for you because when it comes to Egypt there are always opportunities. Let me let you in on a little secret; competition is relatively lesser in Egypt and as such opportunities are greater.

Culture and History

About 2/3 of the world’s historical artifacts and monuments are found in Egypt. There is always a museum, a sight, a language, a historical place to visit at your leisure time when you live in Egypt. Part of the culture and tradition of this great country is the Arabic language which has always been in vogue. Renowned as the cradle of civilization, Egypt is your proper country to live and learn in Arabic. Also renowned as the beacon of the Arabic people and the gateway into Africa! Egypt is well known for its rich cultural history and the country has many of the biggest iconic landmarks across the globe like; popular cities like Cairo, pyramids of Giza, Egyptian museum, Luxor temple, Valley of the Kings, which are the best places to visit in Egypt when you live in the country.

Hidden and Rare Gems

Are you an adventure seeker or you belong to the league of backpackers? Then, this is the right place for you. One of the most interesting things about Egypt is its power of exploration. If you are a foreigner and you enjoy adventures, Egypt will give you plenty to go out and look for. Filled with well-hidden secret locations and captivating oddities, Egypt will never disappoint in terms of making your stay memorable and glamorous.

The Official Language

One of the many things that will surely interest you if you are a lover of the Arabic language is the official language of Egypt which is guess what; ARABIC! Yikes, that sounds interesting no doubts. Little wonder why it is renowned as the beacon of the Arabs because many people want to come to this beautiful country to live and learn in Arabic. It is without an iota of doubt a great country to live if you favor the Arabic language because there are not so many countries in the world capable of the Arabic allure like Egypt.


While some people don’t really enjoy the drive of politics, for many it is indeed a great opportunity to express an opinion. If you are an activist, a journalist, or even a civil society member you might want to consider living in Egypt because of the level of political drama that’s always in play.

Egyptian Sense of Humor

You might not really understand the humor until you watch the Aussies and Kiwis bask in the joy of it. They so much love it! The way you get into the habit of laughter will surely amaze you and you will be left to wonder when this became a part of you. It is that much contagious and once you are in the mood, just like the Egyptians, you will never want an end.


If there is one thing Egyptians are known for, that would be their hospitalities. But you will never understand that until you begin to live in this great city. Ever imagined walking down a street looking lost and someone walked up to you asking to help show you the way? That’s the level of hospitality we are talking about. No one has to leave without a loving neighbor- that’s the way of life of Egyptians. Everybody wants to make you feel comfortable and at home.

The Drive of Nature

If the people don’t interest you and the politics don’t drive you then some days at the seas and/or desert should always give you something to look forward to. Egypt is filled with the allures of numerous historical water bodies like the Mediterranean Sea and the River Nile. Egypt’s natural wonders are fascinating enough to blow your mind away; from Sinai to Siwa, Alexandria to Aswan and every little bit of mother-nature in between.

Experiencing Spirituality

If you are interested in a spiritual rebirth, then Egypt should be your next stop to live. Here, you can have access to some serene places where you can easily meditate, open your mind in prayers and connect spiritually well. There is no better place to live and learn in Arabic while also experiencing great spiritual connection like Egypt.

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