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This is not a list that tells you what to do in Egypt like the pyramids and the likes. This is a collection of those things you may not know about living in Egypt, because life in Egypt may not be exactly as you were told until you take a flight and explore the cities of Pharaoh yourself. We’ve compiled this list to safe you the stress of wondering what living in Egypt feels like.

10 Things You May Not Know About Living in Egypt

1. Security

This may come as an astonishment, however in all honesty, Egypt is a secured nation. There is a little part in North Sinai that is unsettled; however it doesn’t influence the remainder of Egypt by any stretch of the imagination. So disregard fear mongering, you won’t perceive any when you live in Egypt. Clearly, the nation isn’t totally free of wrongdoing, you ought to know about pickpockets, however not more than in some other significant city (Cairo is the second-greatest city in all of Africa, so there are certainly a few criminals!). Contrasted with US urban areas however, the wrongdoing rates are much lower here. Living in Egypt can even be safer than living in some major cities in the world.

2. The Locals

The Middle Eastern or Arabic nations are very outstanding for their friendliness and Egypt is not exempted. Egyptians love their nation energetically and will do all that they can to make you feel welcome. You may get an alternate impression when you just visit the pyramids or air terminal e.g., on the grounds that at these mainstream places of interest they will give you trouble. Go anyplace else in Egypt however and you will meet the absolute kindest individuals on the planet who will dependably have some tea for you. Local people are certainly a standout amongst the best motivations to live in Egypt.

3. The Cheap Prices

Living in Egypt is considerably affordable. The Egyptian Pound was cheapened end of 2016 and from that point forward Egypt is one of the least expensive vacationer goals around the world. For just $25 you can for example get a room at an extremely decent hotel in Dahab. Road sustenance begins at under $1, a transport ride from Cairo to Sharm El-Sheik costs around $6. Multi day excursion to see some extraordinary gulches and a desert spring in Sinai will just set you back around $30. You get the image. It has turned out to be less expensive than most Southeast Asia goals like Thailand or Bali, so it’s an incredible motivation to live in Egypt regardless of whether you’re on a financial limit.

4. The Weather

In case you’re one of those individuals who is certifiably not a major friend of chilly climate (like me), Egypt is your nation! Life in Egypt doesn’t get beneath 20°C, even in winter. You may state that is the situation in Southeast Asia too, however for a many months a year, you’ll have monsoon condition. In Egypt, it never rains! That is the reason you have to consider living in Egypt throughout the entire year and never must be reluctant to lose your important get-away days due to awful climate. Alright, it gets really hot in July and August, so amid that time, you should need to skip Cairo and head just to the Red Sea to go through your days shoreline mooching and swimming!

5. The Diversity

Egypt is a standout amongst the most assorted nations you will ever visit. Whatever sort of occasion individual you are, there’s something for everybody. Nature sweethearts will appreciate camel trek or climb in one of the different deserts in Egypt. The rich Red Sea submerged world makes scuba jumpers and swimmers upbeat, breezy days permit wind and kite surfers to rehearse their aptitudes. Clearly, history aficionados will have an incredible outing with so much old history in Egypt – pyramids, sanctuaries and Mount Sinai, where Moses got the Ten Commandments. The ladies can invest hours shopping at one of the numerous beautiful bazaars Egypt brings to the table, while the men appreciate Turkish and Shisha over a chat with local people.

6. Your Bucket List Will Be Unfilled!

On account of the already mentioned cheap pricing and diversity, a standout amongst the best motivations to live in Egypt is that you can cross a significant number of things off your bucket list that you”ll need to sit down to think of more stuff – genuinely. You can visit the pyramids and take a selfie with the Sphinx, go on a Nile voyage, camel trek in the desert, scuba jump the Red Sea, figure out how to kitesurf, go sandboarding, drive a quad in the mountains, climb astounding ravines, visit brilliant bazaars, drink tea with Bedouins in a desert garden, freedive the Blue Hole, and so on. Must I say more? Living in Egypt is just entertaining and fun-filled.

7. The Beaches     

Egypt has the absolute most astonishing shorelines on the planet and interestingly, a large portion of them are practically unfilled. Regardless of whether you’re into comprehensive hotel life (Marsa Alam) or lean toward laid-back, basic cottages in Sinai, there’s something for everybody. Other than the mainstream traveler territories in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheik, you can likewise stay away from the groups and go to some mystery shorelines that nearly no one at any point knew about.

8. The History

Alright, this is one of the undeniable motivations to live in Egypt, yet it can’t be forgotten. Find the grandness and mind blowing accounts of old Egypt at the pyramids, historical centers and incalculable sanctuaries all over Egypt. In the event that you need to avoid forward in history a couple of hundreds of years, you can stroll in Mose’s strides, climb Mount Sinai and visit St. Catherine religious community, one of the most seasoned libraries on the planet that just revived to general society and holds the second biggest gathering of early codices and compositions, just dwarfed by the Vatican Library.

9. The Underwater World

In the event that your living on land wasn’t sufficient as of now, Egypt has an altogether unique world to offer below water. The coral reefs are the absolute best-kept reefs on the planet and marine life is plentiful regardless of dying corals everywhere throughout the world. Regardless of whether you’re a scuba jumper, freediver or only a swimmer, you will be impressed you by life in Egypt. Marsa Alam is an incredible goal in the event that you need to see dolphins, turtles, sharks and the uncommon dugong. In Sharm El-Sheik you can plunge one of the greatest wrecks on the planet – the SS Thistlegorm. For sea (or ocean) lovers, the Red Sea alone is an ideal motivation to visit Egypt.

10. The Food

To wrap things up, for a great many people, sustenance is the key to living in a new country. Meat slovers and veggie lovers alike will clearly appreciate the neighborhood food, in any event or that you’re into browned or sweet dishes. Living in Egypt has always been a wonderful experience because of these reasons and many other ones that haven’t been mentioned.

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