It is one thing to have the desire to travel abroad someday; it is another thing to be able to afford it. While many people have been travelling for various purposes to every country in the world, many have seen their hopes cut short because they don’t have the proper funding. If you want to actualize your dream of travelling abroad someday, then you have to learn to save money to travel abroad because this is the most assuring way if you are not independently wealthy or have a rich back-up. There is no free ride anywhere and if you want to travel abroad like you’ve always dreamed it, you have to learn to save vigorously. In the light of this, we’ve enlisted 10 ways to save money so you can  travel abroad , find out about them below:

Create a budget plan

If you want to learn to save, the first step is to create a budget plan. This plan will help you stay consistent with every penny you’ve got because you simply cannot afford to throw money at everything you see if you ever want to save money to travel abroad. You can do this via a computer program like Excel. This is a huge eye opener in your quest to save money to travel abroad because it will help you track your income and expenditure.

Sell things

In order to realize your dreams of travelling abroad, you can actually start saving up from the sales of those little things in your apartment. This is a great way to raise money because there are always items you are no longer using in your closets, garage, and compound. Selling these things you no longer need on Ebay/Amazon etc will boost your savings drastically. This is a way to find value for things you’ve abandoned, and rather than having these items lay around your apartment dormant, find a buyer for them.

Don’t buy for now

Anyone who wants to learn to save has to cultivate the habit of restraint because it takes a great deal of discipline not to buy things you desire especially if you are the type that is used to buying the trendy and latest items. A good way to save money to travel abroad is to cut down your expenditure by simply restraining yourself.

Cut your entertainment

Although it may sound funny, but it if you want to learn to save then you’ve got to learn to limit your entertainment. Those few dollars you don’t pay much attention to could actually become significant when you start to save money to travel abroad. Start to invite your friends over to your house instead of going out to places. Find entertaining things to do that won’t cost you, after all not every form of entertainment requires money.

Secure the best interest rate

Conduct appropriate research to find the best banks that befit your priorities at the money. Find banks that will offer you a good interest bearing savings account and not banks that will make you pay monthly fees to have an account with them. There are some banks that offer free savings and checking, find them and strike a deal with them. You will be surprised at how much you will be able to save in a few months.

Create an automatic savings transfer

Do you know that your banks can help you achieve your goal? Yes they can! Once you’ve decided you are ready to save money to travel abroad, contact your bank and have them automatically transfer a certain amount to your savings account every month, weekly, or bi-weekly. Once you’ve executed the first step mentioned above (creating a budget), and you have a good idea of what your expected income and expenditure for your chosen duration will be, reach out to your bank.

Save on utilities

Utilities are going to run your dreams down if you are not cautious enough. A good way to save money to travel abroad is to cut down the amount spent on utilities such as electricity. You can reduce your electricity bills by turning off every single bulb whenever you are not using them, spreading your clothes outside during summer, washing your clothes yourself instead of the machine, install compact fluorescent lamp light bulbs (they are energy-friendly), don’t use your dishwasher heat dry cycle (at least for the period when you want to save to travel abroad) instead wash your dishes by hand.

Go to shopping with a budget

The best way to learn to save is to cultivate a habit of sticking with your budget when you go shopping. Don’t buy beyond what you planned for even if you find other items tempting. Start eating unprocessed foods because they will benefit your pocket and even help you stay healthy. When you prepare your meals always make them in excess so that you can have enough for lunch when you get to work instead of having to buy. A great way to also save money to travel abroad is to buy your items online (mostly on Amazon) because they sell at the best prices and you won’t have to pay for membership.

Gifting made easy

Even if you want to save money to travel abroad, there are some instances where you may need to appreciate people with gifts because of what they’ve done for you. Instead of buying the gifts to present to them, you can opt for home made gifts or gift of service. This will help you save drastically and effectively.

Subscriptions and memberships

There are some applications, membership deals and subscriptions that you can do without. If you want to save money to travel abroad, then you may have to weigh your necessities and needs. Go for a run, ride bikes, walk, or surf instead of spending money at the gym. Believe me, those are even more fun!

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