I’m pleased to say that we’ve now been studying here in Egypt for almost 9 months.It feels like an amazing feat and the progress we’ve made is really starting to show. Everything from reaching the 8th level in our text ‘Bayna Yadayk’, to being able to interact and communicate with ease in public, to the fact that we’ve started to attend more classes and halaqat fully in arabic, all of it points to the amazing progress we’ve been making.

As mentioned, in our Studio Arabiya class we’ve now reached the 8th level. When I look back at the first few levels we took, I am amazed at how far we’ve come. In the beginning it was just one or two sentences and slowly and slowly it became a full paragraph, and then two paragraphs, and now we’re up to full pages of Arabic text that we are reading in class, translating, and comprehending. Along with our vocabulary increasing immensely, the grammar lessons have become more in depth and have really started to give us a deeper understanding of the makeup of each and every word and letter written. It still amazes me every time I learn that just a single letter can change the meaning of a sentence so much. Honestly, grammar is actually one of my favorite parts of class which is one of the reasons why I decided to join a supplementary grammar class outside of our regular Arabic class.

The class I’ve joined is a commentary on the classic Arabic grammar text, “Ajrumiyya.” It’s a class fully conducted in Arabic and starts at the beginner level. We’ve only had one class thus far, but I’m so excited to start to review everything we’ve learned so far and to really assess how much progress we’ve made. I was very nervous in the beginning knowing that the class would be fully in Arabic and without a translator to help me with any words I didn’t understand, but I went in with as positive a mindset as I could and actually came out feeling very confident! Our teacher knows me well and knows that I’m still learning Arabic so he made it very clear that I was to ask any questions I needed to at any time if I didn’t understand. Fortunately, I didn’t have to ask any questions the very first class and understood just about everything he said. Not only that, but I realized that we really do have a solid, basic understanding of Arabic Grammar, considering that in this class we started off with just the differentiation between a word, verb, and letter.

If it weren’t for the progress we’ve made so far with Studio Arabiya, I wouldn’t have felt nearly as comfortable in a class like that. With our main Arabic class and this supplemental Grammar class, I’m learning a lot and attempting to apply it all to my daily life and readings. From here, I pray that my journey to understanding the Qur’an will only get easier.

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