Studio Arabiya Campus

Campus Study Center:

Studying in a new country is an exciting experience and living with other students is a great opportunity to make lifelong friends. During your Arabic, Quran or Islamic Studies at the Studio Arabiya Institute, you can live in our Campus. It’s right on the same place as your classrooms. Living in our Campus gives you the benefit of having the classes and study resources next to where you live. In the morning, you can simply wake up before classes start, walk down the hall or upstairs and arrive.

Quick access to classes makes a lot of the hassle of living in Egypt easier, as it can be pretty crowded sometimes. With all the traffic going on, there is a lot of things dependant to outside circumstances for getting around in time for classes. Therefore having the class in the same building where you live just makes things so much easier.

All students here at Studio Arabiya have the same common purpose – to intensely study Arabic and advance their deen and knowledge of Islam. By being constantly around like-minded individuals and students, it will help you keep each other motivated and feed one another energy.

Study Center:

Studio Arabiya’s Study Center is located on the first two floors of each campus. We have classrooms where students have their daily classes with their teacher, as well as facilities for individual study. Our Library is also available for studying, reading, checking out books, and using our Arabic computer resources.

The learning books are thoroughly chosen to make sure they are fully covering grammar, reading, vocabulary, and morphology of the words. We make sure that the study books cater to our students learning needs. They encompass all the necessary points for all studied subjects.


Each campus facilities include:

  • Campus Study Center
  • Library
  • Student Lounges
  • Rooftop seating for residents
  • Studio Cafe
  • On-campus living accommodations
  • Cleaning services and Laundry facilities (additional fee)
  • Free WIFI
  • 24-hour security and monitoring
  • Small masjid conveniently located nearby
campus study center class room

Dorms & Flats:

Our private and shared dorm rooms are available to all Studio Arabiya study abroad students and to students of Al-Azhar University who need accommodations while in Egypt. Each dormitory hall has five dorm rooms – with air conditioning and heat – sharing two bathrooms, a kitchen and laundry facilities. Each dorm room (both private and shared) is furnished with at least two beds, a desk for each tenant (or study table for bigger rooms), and two closets for clothing. Private rooms do not have a private bathroom, however there are limited rooms with private bathrooms available. Dormitories are available for both males and females (on separate campuses).

Campus Dorms & Flats

Kitchen utilities:

In addition to furniture, dorms and flats have a refrigerator, stovetop (or stove/oven unit), and microwave.  Kitchen utensils are not included and may be purchased nearby or brought with you.  If you require any specialized kitchen appliances or specific types of dishes or utensils, we advise you to bring them with you. If doing so, please take care of the difference in voltage in Egypt. Of course, here is also the possibility to purchase them in Egypt at local shops, supermarkets or on Amazon.

For married couples and families with children, we have limited apartments on campus. In addition, we offer services in assisting families with finding a flat near the campus. Studio Arabiya also offers campus daycare for children age 6 months and up.

Studio Cafe:

Studio Souk offers a convenient, on-campus cafe, where students can easily purchase snacks, hot and cold drinks, and food.


Our transportation services, weekend tours and trips, and daycare services are just some of the benefits of Studio Arabiya’s Study Abroad Program. For moving along the city you will have at your disposal several ways of transportation: taxi, bus, metro and. If you’re looking for an easy way to reach your destination and save time, then private cars are the right thing for you. You have the option of taking a taxi or other private means such as Uber that help you book a car with few clicks

From the Studio Arabiya Institute, you can easily visit Cairo. Between Mokattam City to Cairo, there is a 7 km distance and you can get there by taxi, train, town car or foot. Cairo has a big network of public transportation with a number of buses, micro-buses and a large network of roads in addition to the ring road which encircles the important parts of Cairo. One of the best places to find transport to almost any place in the city, are Ramsis Square and Abd El Moneim Riyad Square. Just get there, ask for your destination and as people are very friendly, they’ll help you

No student should come to Egypt to attend Studio Arabiya Institute without a formal letter of acceptance.