Health & Safety

Healthcare in Egypt

Health and Safety are important aspects to take care of before you arrive and make accommodation in Egypt. Healthcare in Egypt is generally very affordable. You can purchase most medications from pharmacies that most are very easy to access. Doctors are easily accessible and there are various hospitals throughout Cairo. Most doctors can speak English well, as well as many pharmacists.

Healthcare in Egypt consists of both public and private sector. The Ministry of Health offers public health coverage. It operates a series of medical facilities providing free health services. There are hospitals throughout Egypt, from small clinics in rural areas to speciality hospitals with advanced facilities in Cairo.

picture with the hospital in Egypt

Health insurance in Egypt

You should have private medical insurance in Egypt for both routine and emergency care. Many hospitals will ask for cash directly instead of billing an insurance carrier but patients should ask for all necessary paperwork to recoup any expenses paid out of pocket. Some hospitals and hospital groups will offer insurance for use in their facilities only.

Pharmacies in Egypt

Pharmacies in Egypt are in no short supply and you should easily be able to find one that’s convenient. Many medicines are available for purchase without a prescription, but if you are dependent on your medication should take a supply with you from home. Most pharmacists in the larger cities have a good command of the English language and will be able to recommend basic medicines to you. Medication is inexpensive in Egypt, but you should consider buying something you have used before.

Safety and Security in Egypt

Safety and Security are sometimes a concern for those who have never been to Cairo. However, despite the hustle of the population in this metropolis, the city remains comparable to any major European city in terms of safety. We regard Cairo as a safe and secure city, even by Western standards. And in general, the city places a greater concern on the welfare of foreigners than on Egyptian citizens.

People in Cairo are usually kind and hospitable and provided that students stay out of the poorer outskirts of the city at night-time, there should be no problem concerning safety. We advise students to use the same judgment and common sense as they would in their home countries: to be aware of their surroundings and to be cautious going anywhere with a stranger alone. The behaviour that is unacceptable in Egypt, is not that different from the one in other countries.. There are a few places that are off-limits to foreigners.

Provided that every visitor observes and respects local culture and sensibilities, it is very unlikely to receive anything other than a warm welcome and genuine interest from the Egyptian locals.

Safety and Security on Campus

The staff and management take safety and security very seriously on all campuses. Each campus building has a security guard 24/7 upon entering the building to ensure the security of the students and residents. No unauthorized persons are allowed entrance to any building.

Each campus building has newly installed fire, gas and heat safety alarm systems, as well as a fire extinguisher on each floor and consistent monitoring.