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One of the greatest moves anyone can make when it comes to learning Arabic is to learn Arabic in Egypt. With loads of programs to choose from, wonderful culture to indulge in and impressive sights to explore, Egypt is one of the best locations on the planet to learn Arabic Language. In the light of this, one may be interested in knowing just how long it would take them to learn Arabic in Egypt after all no one would want to spend a lifetime learning just one language because time is money indeed. The stages involved in learning Arabic language is quite amazing and every step of the way is quite fulfilling and challenges every of your instinctive natural language learning abilities. In truth, whether it is for an impending vacation to Cairo or a full blown journey to learn Arabic language, time is always paramount. How Long Does It Take to Learn Arabic in Egypt?

How Long Will It Take to Learn Arabic?

Learning Arabic language, just like every other language, is a complex process with numerous stages involved and the learning curve is quite unique and different for various individuals based on varying factors some of which are highlighted below.

What Is Your Previous Language Learning Experience?

Do you speak a foreign language different from your native dialect? Are you bilingual? Studies have shown that bilinguals have a relatively easy attempt at studying a third language because they are better accustomed to being exposed to a new language. Fluency and skills in a language different from one’s native language aids fluency and skills in another language!

Well, you need not worry too much if you aren’t bilingual because that year you spent in Spain on holiday or that business trip to Brazil could actually come in handy now.

The Language You Are Learning

Although many people who go to Egypt to learn Arabic language sometimes claim that Arabic is quite difficult for English speakers; it actually does borrow a few words from English. Isn’t that fascinating? These couple of words will surely aid you and reduce the time you require to learn Arabic in Egypt and become familiarized with the Arabic vocabulary.

Check out some of them:

  • كومبيوتر– [kombiouter]: Computer
  • تليفون – [telifone]: Telephone
  • ميكرويف –[ maycrowayf]: Microwave
  • ميكانيكي –[ mikaniky]: Mechanic
  • مليون –[ milyoon]: Million

There are actually some words in Arabic that sound like English words but actually don’t mean the same thing. Sounds like Homophones right? This similarity, however, can make them easier to memorize:

  • أنا – [ana] – (sounds like the name “Anna”) means I / Me
  • في – [fi] – (sounds like “fee”) means in
  • ألف – [alf] – (sounds like “elf”) means thousand
  • ارض – [ard]- (sounds like “art”) means earth

Your Learning Method

The method you adopt to study Arabic in Egypt plays an important role in determining how long you spend to learn Arabic in Egypt. All our programs adopt a unique strategy and as such your learning wouldn’t be restricted to classroom only, which would make your learning process faster. Our program adopts strategies like reading, writing, speaking, watching TV, listening to radio, and of course spending some time around native Arabic speakers in Egypt.

Your Dedication

How dedicated you are to learning Arabic determines how long it would take you to learn Arabic in Egypt. Studies have shown that students who spent several hours daily spend little time overall than those who only study Arabic in Egypt once per weekly.

Your Attitude

It is a popular saying that attitude to work determines how far you go. If you embrace your program with much dedication, fun and positive attitude it would take you less time to study Arabic in Egypt.

Your Motivation

We all have different reasons for wanting to learn a language and this motive determines how seriously one handles their interest in the language.

Let’s get down to business: a Timeline for learning Arabic

The interaction that exists between these factors listed above determines the timeframe it will take you to learn Arabic in Egypt.

But you are not just interested in these factors, right? You want a time frame. You want numbers. You want to know just how long it will take you to learn Arabic in Egypt.

In accordance with our program, it will take you exactly 1 year to learn Arabic in Egypt which equates to around 8760 hours in a year. Many courses are inclusive in this program and many hours/sessions daily. Also included in this program are assignments and personal sessions. Some people may look at the time required to learn Arabic in Egypt and conclude prematurely that it is a difficult language to learn but the length of our program (which is quite short and adequate) makes the whole process more rewarding.

Although it will take you exactly 1 year in our Arabic language program to complete your study of Arabic language in Egypt, you can however vary this duration (increase it) depending on how much time you want to dedicate per week/year/day according to your preferred schedule.

It is important, however, to keep in mind that the quality of your program is more important than the duration.

On the bright side, if you get involved in some immersion experiences or daily practices, you can significantly impact how long it will take you to learn Arabic language.

Try not to be discouraged! You can and will learn Arabic quicker than you anticipate.

Since you know how much time it takes to learn Arabic and which elements can enable you to accomplish your objectives quicker, it’s likewise imperative to remember that language learning is synonymous with training.

That implies that achieving a specific level doesn’t ensure that you will keep it for life. Dealing with your Arabic is just like dealing with your pet: you need to bolster it, nestle it, and take it out for a walk now and then.

In the end, it is left to YOU to choose how rapidly you become familiar with Arabic and how great your abilities remain. With the right attitude, dedication, situation, and motivation, any language is within your reach.

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