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The number of people living in a particular area at a particular period of time is known as the population of that particular area and this can be determined by the population census. The census is done by getting and compiling the social data of the individuals living in a particular country at that moment. In this text, you have to follow me as I will let you know about the populations of the people living in Egypt.

Egypt is a country located in the northern part of Africa and the word “EGYPT” came from the Greek word “Aegyptus” which is a figure in Greek mythology. In ancient time, it was named as “kemet”, which means the black land and those people living there called themselves “remetch en Kermet” which means “People of the black”. Today, Egypt is known as Misr, an Arabic word which means “land” or “fortress”.

How Many People Live in Egypt

The Number of People Living in Egypt Over the Years

This country is of very high population of about 97.5 million as at 2017, 99 million in 2018, 101 million is the approximate number of the people living in Egypt and an estimated 2.7 million Egyptians live abroad and still contribute to the development of their country. The population of Egypt is about 1.31% of the total world population and it keeps increasing yearly due to immigrants and some other factors such as birthrate. 61.7% of the population is rural; its population density is 102/km2 with total land area of about 995,446km2 and it is at number 14 according to the population of the countries in the world.

Population of Egypt

There are different cities in Egypt with different populations which include:  Cairo, Giza, Suez, Alexandria, Port Said, Luxor, Asyut, Tanda, Alfayyum, Al Mahallah al Kubra, Al mansurah, Ismailia, Aswan, Qina, Zagazig, Kafr ad Dawwar, Halwan, Al Minya, Damanhur, Idku, Sohag, New Cairo, Bani Suwayf, Talkha, Banha, Shibin al kawm, Kafr ash Shaykh, Idfu,Mallawi, Dikirnis, Bilbays, Arish, Jirja, Al Hawamidiya, Disuq, Bilqas, Disuq, Abu kabir, Qalyub, Akhmim, Al Matariyah, Zefta, Tahta, Bush, Hurghada, Samalut, Munuf, Damietta, Ashmun, Manfalut, Hawsh’Isa and others .

The largest city is Cairo comprising of population over 7 million, the next city is Alexandria, with about 4 million populations, Giza with about 2.5 million, Port Said which has been existing since 1859 contains about 540 thousand people, Suez is the seaport city and contains about 490 thousand people, Almahallah al Kuba is the Industrial and commercial city popular in the production of textiles contains about 432 thousand people, Luxor is the city where the world greatest open air museum is located and contains about 422,400 people, Asyut is the city where one of the largest universities and textile industries in Egypt are located and contains about 420,500 people.

Why Has the Number of People Living in Egypt Increased?

The increase in population of the people living in Egypt is due to some factors which include:

Early marriage

Early marriage has been part of the Egyptian culture since the old times of the ancient Egyptians and this has contributed significantly towards the ever increasing population of the country. People living in Egypt tend to get married at a younger age, especially the females and this leads to increase in birthrate because more offspring will be produced as early as possible.


Many men in Egypt actually have many wives than one and this is also a part of the tradition and culture of the country. The implication of this is that each family produces many children than they would have produced if there was only one wife in the family.


One of the contributing factors to the ever increasing population of people living in Egypt is the level of migration to the country, which has increased in recent times. Some reasons why people live in Egypt are: Egyptians are very friendly type of people and they enjoy interacting with foreigners, they are always willing to help anyone when in times of trouble. Another reason is because most of the citizens speak at least some English and they love it when a person speaks their Arabic language. People live in Egypt due to sufficient food; it is very difficult for one to get starved when you live there because there are available foods that are below standard for the poor which they can afford, although real food is very cheap in Egypt. According to the population statistics, Siwa Oasis is the city with the lowest number of people while some of the cities share almost the same number of population. Great health care service is another reason why people live in Egypt.

Favorable standard of living

There have been drastic rise in the number of people who live in Egypt because of the generally comfortable cost of living. Items are quite affordable in Egypt and many people would rather keep living here than go back to their country where things are probably more expensive.

The Current State of the Number of People Living in Egypt

People live in Egypt to enjoy low cost of living but the high population growth rate makes their resources limited and a regulation was passed for them not to give birth to more than two children to reduce the overpopulation effect and make the resources available by ensuring optimum population so that the number of people will be equal to the resources available. Egypt is without doubt a great country to live and currently, the country is far from being overpopulated because of the availability of their land mass which is more than enough to accommodate as residents as possible. So, if you are looking to travel to Egypt to live, you have nothing to be worried about as regards the population density in the country.

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