For many people who might want to leave their native country to go live in another country, money is always the defining factor. Some people look out for countries with favorable costs of living so that they don’t have to spend much on their daily activities. If you are such an individual who’s thinking about traveling to live in Egypt, then you are in the right place, because this post will give you a good insight into the cost of living in Egypt. Living in a country like Egypt isn’t so expensive, as you will soon find out, and it is in fact relatively cheap compared to many countries in the world. With the recent devaluation of the Egyptian pound, living in Egypt is now cheaper for expats. For instance, an expat who earns about $7.25 per hour (minimum hourly wage in the US) can live a well-to-do and blissful life in Egypt, because of the rising exchange rates. Daily expenses such as transportation costs, feeding, accommodation, security, miscellaneous, and many others are quite affordable in Egypt. Tag along as we introduce to you, within the context of this article, How Much Does It Cost to Live in Egypt.

Cost of living in Egypt for Accommodation

This is no doubt the most important factor to consider for anyone who wants to live in a foreign country because you’ve got to fetch yourself a good shelter first of all. However, if you want to get yourself suitable accommodation in Egypt, you may need to first consider the number of years you have in mind to live in Egypt. Owning a personal housing property in Egypt is one of the most challenging things, solely because of how expensive it can get. For instance, a normal three-bedroom flat in an area like Sheikh Zayed might cost around 700,000 LE. That’s quite much for someone who’s probably not so wealthy. However, the pricing varies from place to place and from city to city. A decent option for someone who is probably a foreigner coming to live in Egypt is renting. This is quite affordable and cheap everywhere in the country and a decent apartment in Egypt costs far less than most European apartments. Rent prices are way cheaper in Egypt than they are abroad, even without considering the exchange rates.  In general, living in large cities in Egypt might push up your accommodation prices (whether owning or renting) while living in smaller towns will fetch you lower prices. By and large, it costs less to rent an apartment in Egypt than it is in many foreign countries! So, if you are wondering how much it costs to house yourself and your family in Egypt, I would say far less than in many countries of the world.


Another factor worthy of consideration is the cost of transportation because you will no doubt want to get around your city, see some sights, probably get to work, and live your life in Egypt. So, it is important to learn about the costs of transportation in Egypt. If you have your personal car in Egypt, the better! Even though the pump price of fuel is prone to sudden changes, it is still generally affordable and not expensive at all. However, the most common means of transportation is public transport, which gets anywhere across the country. Taxis are readily available and affordable, and you are even allowed to negotiate with the drivers. The metro is another medium of transportation in Egypt and it is in fact way cheaper than the metro in England for instance (1EGP VS 5.90₤). If you are lucky enough to live in Cairo, you will have access to a more efficient and modern metro system, because Cairo has its own train system. Fares are very cheap relatively to Western standards and the lines extend across the city, so you don’t have to worry whether or not the train won’t get to the area you live or where you are headed. In general, transportation is relatively cheap in Egypt with an average value of around $14 per monthly bus pass runs and a liter of gas costing as little as 22 cents.

Feeding, Entertainment, and Lifestyle

Feeding, drinking, clothing, and fun can consume as much or as little of anyone’s household expenses depending on someone’s particular lifestyle. This trio is quite significant to anyone’s sustenance and as such it is important to understand that they are all not so pricey when you come to live in Egypt. Cooking in your house with local ingredients, going out to eat a couple of times every month and avoiding those budget-unfriendly luxurious restaurants will allow you to enjoy a decent standard of living without having to spend so much. Local goods are so cheap in Egypt and they should be the option of an expat who’s on a budget. Feeding is beyond doubt the coolest part of living in Egypt, with food supplies sold at ridiculously inexpensive amounts. If a part of your entertainment is sightseeing, then you’ve definitely come to the right country, because Egypt is well-known for its massive historical monuments across every city in the country. You only need few dollars as a gate fee into some of the sights while some are free. You don’t have to think about what to do with your leisure time, because there are so many fun-filled places of history to visit in Egypt without spending much.

Cost of living in Egypt of Education

If you are coming to live in Egypt for the purpose of schooling or you are coming with your little kids who need to go to school. You are surely going to find schooling costs reasonably affordable. Egypt adheres to the popular 6+3+3 educational system, so you can always continue your education here regardless of whatever level you are in your native country. According to Numbeo (a trusted platform that collects costs of living indexes for many countries worldwide), an average private preschool cost in Egypt is around EGP 2,114.84 for a single child. That is quite affordable when compared with the cost of education in many Western nations.


Where can one go to without the responsibilities of bills and utilities? Definitely nowhere! However, Egypt makes life easy for anyone who wants to spend less on their bills. Unlike many countries where you spend almost one quarter of your monthly income on bills, Egypt is far affordable. If you want to live in a well furnished studio of about 480 ft2, one would only need to spend about EGP 3,867 ($217) in an expensive area on average and EGP 1,651 ($92) in a regular area. The utility bill of someone living singly in an apartment is about EGP 452 ($25) on average, fast and high-speed internet accessibility (15 MBps) costs ($16) a month.

Healthcare in Egypt

If there is one attractive thing about Egypt, it is the high level of medical service realizable everywhere within the country, although many of these healthcare services are better achieved in private medical establishments. It doesn’t cost so much to obtain quality medical attention in Egypt, so if you want to live in Egypt, you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget. A treatment at an average private medical establishment in Egypt could cost as low as EGP 1000 and it could even soar higher than that, depending on the type of treatment required. However, it is still affordable as compared with many other countries.

By and large, if you take a moment to calculate the basic cost of living in Egypt (as highlighted above) vs. any Western country while considering exchange rates, you will find out that life in Egypt is so much cheaper. If the defining factor for deciding where to live is financial consideration, Egypt is surely your best bet because the lands of the pharaoh are so affordable.

List of Cost of Living in Cairo

Here are the approximate prices of goods and services in Egypt:

Product/ service Price
 1 L of Milk $0.92
 1 kg of Rice $0.96
 1 kg of cheese $3.71
 1 kg Chicken Breast $6.07
1 kg of Apples $1.23
1 kg of Banana $0.52
 1 kg of Oranges $0.36
 1 kg of Tomato $0.30
  1 kg of Potato $0.31
  1 kg of Onion $0.41
 1 L bottle of Water $0.15
2 L Coca-Cola / Pepsi $0.73
 Cigarette pack $1.77
 Hair Shampoo $2.92
 4 rolls of Toilet paper $1.17
 Toothpaste tube $1.32
Gym Membership, 1 month $20.50
Cinema Ticket $3.84
Doctor’s visit $15.10
 Haircut $4.47
Brand Jeans $38.80
Brand Sneakers $97.30
Preschool, 1 month $114
International Primary School, 1 year $2,578
Local transport ticket $0.26
Monthly ticket for local transport $11.40
Gas, 1 L $0.33
1 bedroom apartment in City Center $164
 Cheap 1 bedroom apartment $95.80
 3 bedroom apartment in City Center $350
 Cheap 3-bedroom apartment $216
 Internet plan, 50 Mbps+ 1 month unlimited $12
 Apartment price to Buy in City Center $527
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