About the Quran Memorization Program

Learn Quran Intensive in Egypt

Congratulations! You finished the 1-year Arabic Immersion Program. And now what is next? There is the option to enroll in Studio Arabiya’s 1-year Intensive Quran Memorization Program. It requires that you communicate and understand Arabic. That is because the Quran course is taught using the Arabic language.

What will be our program’s structure as you learn Quran in Egypt?

This program will be a full year of intensive classes. So we will focus on memorizing the entire Quran while learning and applying tajweed rules. Suffice to say that at the end of the year, you’ll have the option to earn your Ijaazah Hifz, insh’Allah. Most importantly the Quran Memorization program is licensed and certified by Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Come to Studio Arabiya and learn Quran in Egypt! Don’t wait any longer.

What Students Say

Aayesha, UK

I attended Studio Arabiya for my summer break so I was only here for a short while. It is a fantastic institute, I would highly recommend it. The teachers are patient, understanding, positive, encouraging and highly qualified (or over qualified!). They adapt to your needs. I feel I have learnt more in 3 weeks than I have in years! Admin staff are also super helpful. A great learning environment and safe, comfortable accommodation. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to all!

Aayesha, UK




Dates : Year-Round

Deadlines: N/A


REQUIREMENTS: Some Arabic knowledge preferred

DIFFICULTY: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


All students may enroll in this program to learn Quran in Egypt