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When you think of shopping, what comes to the mind? Do you see it as an opportunity to buy the cheapest items or an avenue to buy the trendy stuff? Well, even though all of those are feasible when you go shopping, there is still much more to shopping than just those. Shopping is an act that gets everyone excited and it is without doubts, something worth looking forward to. For most people who want to travel to other countries, for diverse purposes, shopping is often one of the first few things that they consider. The prospect of coming to live in Egypt is quite exciting, considering the rich history the country has got, so it is worth noting the types of shops available to shop at. If you have a plan to spend some time living in Egypt, you have nothing to be worried about as regards shopping in Egypt, because the lands of Pharaoh has got everything one may desire in terms of shopping. From rich historical monuments, to personal items, down to consumables, Egypt has got so many types of shops that will surely leave anyone captivated. So, the choice is always yours when you come to live in Egypt because there are so many shops and malls to visit for shopping in Egypt .

Khan Al Khalili

Khan Al Khalili is one of the most popular markets in Egypt. This market-like setting is situated in the interiors of our very own Cairo city. A very amazing thing about this market is that, you don’t have to come here only when you need to shop; instead you can just come around to experience first-hand the interesting hustles and bustles of the area. It is always a beautiful scene to behold! If you want to shop in Egypt, especially when you live in Cairo, this is the place to visit. The types of shops you find in this market are well-packed with anything you may wish to buy on the planet, even intercontinental items are found here. Khan Al Khalili makes you feel at home, away from home. Always keep your pockets fully-stocked when you visit this market for shopping, because you are always going to see fascinating goods, items and wares you never imagined could exist in Egypt. However, when you visit this market, always brace yourself with some good bargaining abilities because good bargaining skills will definitely come in handy when you deal with the traders at this market. This market is no doubt one of the best collections of shops in Egypt to shop for your novelty T-shirts, bottles of colored sand with camel pictures, wonderful souvenirs with your name printed in hieroglyphics.

Aswan Souk

Many people often think that Cairo is the only City in Egypt to get most things and for this reason they don’t bother trying out other cities in the country. Well, Aswan isn’t here to joke, with its classy and grand shopping malls and markets. Aswan is located in the southernmost part of Egypt and this beautiful Aswan market is one of the most significant locations in the city. This Souk has been receiving thousands of tourists over the years and it has been serving them good and quality items at reasonably affordable rates. You can shop for all kinds of spices here and you will get them for cheap prices.

Souk al Fustat

If you are a foreigner in Egypt and you love to shop, this is the place to visit. This amazing little shopping mall is located just outside the entrance of Coptic Cairo. You can always get some of your native items here, as there are often so many international items sold in the mall. Simply put, this mall was established to aim at the clear sighted foreign buyers. If you want to go shopping in Egypt, you shouldn’t swap this mall for any other place. You can always get some local and popular items like the handmade copies of Fatimid and mamluke lamps here in this mall. However, the price of goods in this type of shop is fixed and you cannot even attempt to bargain because there are price tags on the commodities you find here. If you don’t want the local goods, you can as well get some wonderful items like ceramic products, pillowcases, trays, bowls, imported goods, paintings, woodworks, colorful cups and lots more. It is a great store to visit if you want to go shopping in Egypt.

The Old Market

Do not let the sound of the name of this market put you off, because the goods here are far from being old or ancient. In fact, this is the best place in Sharm for all your shopping in Egypt! This place boasts of so many fruit and juice shops, and it is the place to go for your drink shopping in Egypt. There are wide varieties of items to buy in the shops in this market, from small pyramids to t-shirts, oils and even spices. The list is just endless. Although the price range may be a bit higher in this place, you can always negotiate your way into a decent deal. There are also amazing restaurants and shisha lounges within the premises of this market, so you can as well incorporate a decent meal as part of your weekend shopping in Egypt.

Han el Halili

Are you a book fanatic? Do you want to get loads of books and agendas when you go shopping in Egypt? Well, this is the most appropriate place for you to be. This is undoubtedly, one of the most popular markets in Egypt. You can get books and agendas in various quantities and sizes here, so if you want to shop for books when you get to Egypt, this is the best place for you to visit. Do you desire to have your name engraved on any book you buy with gold gilding? You can get this done too! Have you got a friend celebrating their birthday and you would like to get a birthday present? You can as well shop for gift items and brilliant souvenirs in this place.

Suuq el Ataba

Egyptians are historically known to be fashionistas, so you can expect to see a whole market dedicated to fashion items. Suuq el Ataba is one of the amazing places to go shopping in Cairo. This beautiful market has got so many trendy items and beautiful jewelry on sale. You will find various types of clothes, wears, accessories, antiques, jewelry, handmade crafts and lots more here in Suuq el Ataba. So, when you go to this place for shopping in Egypt, the choice to make is always yours because of the plethora of options available to choose from. There is always, at least, one unique thing for anyone who visits this market for shopping. You will be astonished to discover that the prices of these items are relatively cheap, thereby making this market one of the cheapest markets you will find in Egypt. You don’t want to go anywhere else to shop in Egypt, for your fashion and lifestyle items.

Sharia el Souk

This is a calm, cool and less-crowded market. It is the perfect place to shop in Egypt for anyone who loves to shop in a calm and quiet environment. Numerous types of goods are available in this market ranging from spices, and food materials to garments, and wears. This quiet market is situated parallel to the Nile River, and it is a great option for anyone to visit whenever they want to shop in Egypt.

Lotus Bazaar

This is another interesting place to shop in Egypt, and unlike many of the markets in Egypt, you can enjoy window shopping at this place. There are so many goods to shop for here like stone statues to clothes, souvenirs and even classy leather shoes. The vendors here are very friendly and generous too, so you are surely going to experience a nice time when you go shopping in this place.

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