Student & Resident Services

Student & Residential Services at Studio Arabiya in Egypt

Studio Arabiya offers a variety of services for students and on-campus residents. Explore our services before you come to study in Egypt.


Airport Pickup and Dropoff:

Studio Arabiya’s dependable airport pickup and dropoff service will take you to and from the airport when you arrive and leave Egypt.

Day & Weekend Tour Trips:

Travel around Cairo and Egypt on day and weekend excursions. Join us as we travel to the Pyramids, Cairo Museum, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Historical Mosques and more. (Additional fees are required to attend trips.)


Childcare available for children age 6 months and up, on campus, during class times.

Bus Rental:

Our bus is available for renting for trips and transportation.

Cleaning Services:

Cleaning services are available for residents.

Laundry Facilities:

Residential laundry facilities are located on-campus for residents.


The library is opened to students and residents.  Books are available for checkout.

Studio Cafe:

Studio Cafe is an easy-to-access on-campus cafe for purchasing snacks, cold and hot drinks, food, desserts and more.