Packing for a month-long holiday anywhere is a chore, but packing to live in another country or to learn Arabic in Egypt can be daunting and even stressful.  We’ve put together a short list to make it a bit easier!

packing for egypt

1. Consider the Month You Are Packing For

As is the case everywhere, the season you are traveling will be a deciding factor for many of the things you pack.  Consider the month you are going to Egypt, so you’re prepared.  If you’re going to Egypt for a summer month, you’ll want to pack light (but conservative) clothing .  If you plan to study in the winter months (December – February), you will want a few heavy items to keep you warm.

2. Medications

Most medications can be found at the pharmacies in Egypt, usually with no prescription, however if you have specific vitamins, supplements, or medicine that your health depends on, it’s best to bring enough supply for your stay.

3. Specialized Cooking Utensils

Can’t live without your zucchini spiralizer? Or can you not cook without measuring spoons? Basic kitchen supplies can be found nearby or in the supermarkets in Egypt for a very affordable price, but if you’re coming to Egypt for just a month, we recommend you bring small extras with you. If your kitchen items is electronic, make sure you can use it on 220V electricity…otherwise, it will burn and not be usable.

4. Electronics and Electricity Converter

Check any electronics you are bringing for the voltage that they work with.  You can usually find this written on the box or device.  If you’re bring any electronics that don’t work for 220V, then we suggest you either bring a converter with you or leave it at home. Most laptop chargers and phone/table chargers will work without a converter. 

5. Proper Footwear

Living in Egypt usually goes hand-in-hand with walking…lots and lots of walking (sometimes on rough ground).  We recommend you bring comfortable walking shoes for going out.

6. Supplies for Class

If coming for just a month, bring a few notebooks and some pencils and pens with you, so you’re ready for class on the first day. If you forget these items or don’t have room, don’t worry!  You can purchase these items in the Studio Souk located right on campus.

7. Pack Lightly

If coming for a month, try to pack your items in just one suitcase plus a carryon bag.  If you can, try to leave extra room, so you have space on the way home for your textbooks and any souvenirs you picked up along the way! Check your airline for baggage restrictions and rules.  We recommend you get a small portable luggage scale to help you not go over the weight limits.

8. Make a List

Make a list of the items you use everyday and of the stuff that you know you absolutely need to take with you. Making this list keeps the important things in your mind, so you don’t forget anything!

9. Small Backpack

A backpack is great for traveling and will come in handy to carry your stuff to class, as well as when going out or touring Egypt.  A cross-shoulder bag is a great option, as it keeps everything securely with you at all times.  For flights, backpacks are usually considered ‘personal items’.
We hope you enjoy your trip and look forward to having you in Egypt at Studio Arabiya Institute!

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