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      Great Arabic teachers!

I attended Studio Arabiya for my summer break so I was only here for a short while. It is a fantastic institute, I would highly recommend it. The teachers are patient, understanding, positive, encouraging and highly qualified (or over qualified!). They adapt to your needs. I feel I have learnt more in 3 weeks than I have in years! Admin staff are also super helpful. A great learning environment and safe, comfortable accommodation. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to all!


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      Great learning arabic abroad!

Studio Arabiya’s Study Abroad Program has far exceeded my expectations – from living accommodations to the amount of Arabic I’ve learned in just a matter of months. Alhamdulillah I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be a student at this institution and I am very excited about the future of Studio Arabiya and the future of its students! My teacher is an excellent instructor who I believe is truly invested in teaching the Arabic language to her students. Her teaching style is both dynamic and strategic, in that she teaches you to think actively and is very creative in presenting new material. I truly feel supported by her efforts to see me excel in this program.

Tiffany, California

Studio Arabiya student

      Better than any other program!

My experience at this institute has been great. I’ve learned a lot since coming to Egypt to learn the Arabic language. Ustadh Mahmoud is an amazing teacher and knows how to teach the language. Since arriving at the institute less than 3 months ago, my understanding has accelerated by studying the language in a place where its primary language is Arabic.

Unlike studying in America, where I was going to class two days a week at a very slow pace and the method of learning was through English, here you learn through Arabic in Arabic which causes you to understand Arabic the way it was meant to be understood. I recommend this markaz to any serious students who wants to go abroad to learn the Arabic language. Why? Because you will study at least 5 hours a day, 5 days a week which will accelerate your Arabic to the next level. In a matter of one or two months, you will understand your teacher in Arabic. Some of the guys in my class didn’t know any Arabic before they came and now, after just 3 months, they understand the teacher in Arabic and speak back to him in Arabic. That’s amazing! Studio Arabiya has the best teachers in Egypt hand down!

Yahya Gant, Houston, TX

Study arabic abroad in Egypt

     Safe and clean campus!

I enjoyed studying at studio Arabiya. Everyone there was extremely professional and the living space was clean. The apartment had all the necessary amenities and even provided free drinking water, a washing machine and dishes. There was no need to bring anything and the area was safe for me as a young woman. This made the entire experience of studying in Egypt so much easier. I had a great roomate and the most amazing teacher that went out of her way to make sure that I understood the lesson. My Arabic teacher was truly passionate about teaching the Arabic language and had years of experience. I would recommend this program for anyone going to Egypt tor study Arabic.

Vivian Valdivia, Los Angeles, CA

No student should come to Egypt to attend Studio Arabiya Institute without a formal letter of acceptance.