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If you are still wondering whether or not you should learn Arabic, then you’ve probably not been following the trends across the globe. With more than 290 million native speakers in over 20 countries, the Arabic language has risen to the pinnacle of languages most learned and spoken. In this age, there is barely a country you visit where you don’t find a native Arabic speaker even when there are no Arabs around. So you see it’s indeed a great communication and conversational tool that you cannot afford not to have. All you probably need is to visit any Arabic language center in any of the three countries being mentioned in this article. In the scope of this article, we aim to discuss those 3 countries that are best to go to if you ever want to learn and live in Arabic because these countries being spoken of, have the best Arabic language programs. In your attempt to become familiar with Arabic, you will enjoy the additional benefits of understanding the diverse cultures that comprise the Arab world. However, before discussing the countries where you should visit in other to enroll in the best Arabic language programs, it would be important to first make some mentions of the various dialects of the Arabic language that are there to be studied.

The Top 3 Countries to go to for Learning Arabic to Study Arabic in Arabian country 


1. Cairo, Egypt

Regarding Egypt as being peerless in terms of its ancient history and cultural background would be an understatement because many actually believe Egypt is the bedrock of modern civilization and many believe Arabic is the best in the world. Wow, where else to study Arabic if not within the beautiful walls of Cairo? Coming to Egypt for your Egyptian Arabic Course would represent a great chance for you to understand every rudiment of the language while also understanding every dialect of the Language because all across the beautiful city of Cairo is an Arabic Language Center where you can sharpen your Arabic with the best Arabic Language Programs in the world. The most popular location in Egypt to study Arabic is “Umm ad-Dunya (the Mother of the World)”. What a dramatic city with over 20 million inhabitants, most of whom are native speakers of the Arabic Language. Within the walls of Umm ad-Dunya are wide avenues, mosques, and a palace which are great for the learning rate of any student interested in the language. A perfect reason to go on a holiday to Egypt would be to take study classes in Egyptian Arabic Course and Modern Standard Arabic because there is arguably no better place in the globe where this is better done. One could also take up basic or professional Arabic courses for journalism at the Arabic Language Center. Imagine a holiday spent studying Arabic every morning while taking the afternoon to uncover the fascinating legends and Mysteries of the Pyramids of Giza.

2. Meknès, Morocco

Sometimes one may be interested in learning multiple languages and for people who fall in this category, coming to Morocco will surely quench their thirst for multi-language learning. Here in Morocco, you can sharpen your French skills while also working on learning your Arabic in this Multi-Lingual nation. Such is the language dexterity you get to witness in Morocco!

In Morocco, there are diverse ways to learn Arabic but the best method would be to learn Moroccan Arabic by attending the best Arabic Language Programs in the “Versailles of Morocco,” popularly renowned as “Meknès”. Here in Meknѐs, there is a rich blend of Berber, Arab, and French cultures which have given birth to a calm, but lovely, city whose historic medina is home to the exquisite “Dar El Makhzen” palace.

Several Arabic summer programs in Meknès combine Arabic study with political courses, religion courses, and even international relations-related courses, or even collaborating with local NGOs in the city to promote economic and social development. Now you see the advantage of coming to Morocco to learn Arabic. It’s always worth the journey because of the level of knowledge you go back with.

3. Jordan

If we choose to ignore the popular joke that Jordan probably has multiple words for beige, then there would be nothing stopping anyone from taking one of the best Arabic language programs at the Arabic learning center here in Amman. Although some people often regard Amman as the Kingdom of Boredom, it’s still a place worth visiting because such a claim isn’t entirely true.

Jordan may not be your regular beautiful city but it is far from being unsafe and you will achieve your sole purpose of visiting – which is to learn the Arabic language.

As a way to justify the fact that Jordan is far from being boring – contrary to popular opinion, there is in fact “so much to do, like the coral reef in the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum, and lots of outdoor activities”. When you come to Jordan to learn modern standard Arabic always be prepared to discover some of those stories and legends you’ve heard and read so much about.

Jordan has long been a popular choice for students of Arabic because it is relatively stable, and its dialect is fairly close to modern standard Arabic. Now, there is the advantage you get when you choose to learn Modern Standard Arabic in Jordan because the general language you hear the locals speak everywhere you go is fairly close to the language you want to learn. Without an iota of doubt, being around people who speak a language one wants to learn makes things easier. The country has seen an influx of Arabic students following the unrest and ongoing civil war in Syria. Unlike many other countries where you can also study Arabic, Jordan is a safe haven. There is a guarantee that you will complete your program in due time and in great health because the weather and climatic conditions are also quite favorable. Jordan has several good language institutes, including the highly-regarded but expensive Qasid Institute, the new Jordan Language Academy (JLA), and the language institute at the University of Amman.

Both Qasid and the JLA can help students find accommodation, including stays with Jordanian families to improve their Arabic.

There are also lots of volunteering opportunities in Jordan, particularly as it faces an unprecedented number of refugees from neighboring Syria. Now You See why you should consider Jordan when making that decision about which country to go to learn Arabic.

Arab countries to visit to learn Arabic and enjoy the culture.


Oman is one of the countries that is filled with amazing places to visit. It’s not just a country for learning Arabic but also a country of great culture.

They show visitors around and teach them about Islam and culture. Oman has a warm environment. It combines its links, traditions, and modernity at the same time. Its people are kind and love helping others. So, the hospitality there is amazing.

The country has beautiful landscapes surrounding the city. Beautiful Islamic architecture, and pristine beaches. In addition to the quaint fishing towns, agricultural villages, and amazing hiking trails. The cost of living in Oman and learning Arabic programs is not as expensive as it is in other countries. Which makes it a great country to learn Arabic.

You can take an intensive learning program in modern standard Arabic. Where you can practice the language with the natives. You could also learn Omani Colloquial Arabic. Also, practice your language with native speakers. English is also used there. So you won’t face any problems communicating with people and practicing your Arabic.


In Tunis, people speak both Arabic and French. Tunis is one of the countries that inspired many artists and writers over the years. It’s filled with inspiring places. The beautiful Maghrebi architecture of minarets and courtyards. In addition to the beautiful seaside towns.

Tunis is a country that has been influenced by many cultures over the years. Including Roman, Ottoman, Phoenician, and Berber. Its charm makes it one of the countries that attract Arabic learners. The programs provided in Tunis are in Modern Standard Arabic. There are both long and short courses that suit everyone’s needs. You can take a private course or a group course.

The schools offer trips around the country. Where you can visit archaeological sites and museums, you could stay with a host family, or have your own private apartment.

How to enhance your Arabic fast?

Many of us strive to learn and improve our Arabic but don’t know what to do or where to start. And some give up before even starting because they heard that Learning Arabic is hard. However, Arabic is not a hard language to learn it just takes time to master like any other language.  so here are some tips and hacks to help you enhance your Arabic fast.

Flash Cards

The most effective tool is flashcards. Write every new word you learn on a card and always keep it with you to test yourself. Why is it so effective? Well, when you keep the cards with you, you will keep seeing them in your free time and recalling them.

So, to make it more effective, look at the word, say it, and try to remember its meaning. This is an effective way to learn new words which will make you understand the Arabic you read easily.

 Read aloud.

Reading out loud is the best method to speak Arabic easily. Buy any Arabic book or read Arabic articles out loud. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Reading out loud will enhance your speaking skills, so read any dialogue. When you see Arabic words or phrases read them out loud. And keep repeating until you master it.

 Work on your reading speed.

Arabic learning can be fun and effective, and it is better to work on your language before traveling to an Arab country. What you want is to be able to respond to a native Arabic speaker without thinking and translating words in your head. And the best way to do so is to read Arabic faster.

Keep reading the same paragraph over and over. At first, you will read it slowly but as you repeat you will read it faster. That’s normal because, at the first time, you’re still figuring out the words. The next time, you know most of the words. The third time you know them all.

When you read Arabic fast and out loud you will easily be able to speak fast. So read Arabic books and translate any word that you don’t understand and keep repeating what you read out loud. With time you will see that this method works like a charm.  

Relate the word to something you know

When you relate the new word to something familiar, it will become easier to memorize. First, when you hear a word, be sure to listen carefully to how it is pronounced and repeat it afterward.

Repeat it in your head a few times then repeat it out loud. Read the word in its context to learn how to use it and its true meaning. Knowing the context will help you learn the words fast and in an effective way. With time you will read and speak Arabic fluently.

When you learn a new word try to put it in Sentences. When you start using the words in phrases this will help you learn them faster. You will not only learn the new word you will also learn how to use it.

Keep reading.

One of the best methods for learning Arabic faster is reading, it will not only enhance your reading speed but you get to learn new words. To find and learn new words the best method is to keep reading and make reading a daily habit. However, don’t start reading complicated books. Read something that you like and is suitable for your level.

For example, beginners should start reading kids’ stories, short posts, quotes, and social media posts. When you finish this step move to the next level and start reading magazine articles, newspapers, and books. This way you will expose yourself to new words and how to use them. When you find a word you don’t know, write it down and put it in a sentence.


The top 3 countries to go to for learning Arabic are:

Cairo, Egypt.

Meknès, Morocco.


Among the great countries to visit to improve your Arabic and learn about their beautiful culture are:

  • Oman.
  • Tunis.

To improve your Arabic fast you can follow the following simple and easy steps:

  • Flash Cards
  • Read aloud.
  • Work on your reading speed.
  • Relate the word to something you know
  • Keep reading.

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