Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to come to Egypt to increase your knowledge of Arabic, to get closer to the Quran, or to experience a new culture. Whatever your reason is for coming to Egypt, your first stop on Egypt soil is the Cairo Airport. As with each country, the culture, organization, and ways of doing things are different.

In order to make your arrival a bit easier, Studio Arabiya offers airport pickup for new students arriving. Here’s what to expect upon arriving.

cairo airportEgypt Entry Visa

If you didn’t already get an entry visa for Egypt, this is your first step. Before going through customs, you will see some small banks and vendors, where you can purchase your entry visa. The most recent price for the entry visa was $25, but this may change at any time. They only accept cash, so be prepared with enough cash for you and your family.

Getting an entry visa upon arrival may not be available for all nationalities, so we recommend that you confirm beforehand with the embassy in your country what your requirements are – whether you can get the entry visa upon arrival or if you need to get it before flying.

For more information on the visa for US citizens:


After getting your visa, you will immediately proceed to standing in line for customs. This is where they will check your passport, visa, and may ask a few questions. This process is relatively simple.

Baggage Claim

After completing your passport check, head over to the baggage claim area, where you can claim your bags. There are some small (free) carts for you to use to take your bags, or you can pay a fee (varies depending on who you talk to) for a bigger cart. Bigger carts require a worker to be present to help. They always welcome tips (and may stand and wait until you give something), so be prepared. 10-20 EGP is suitable.

We recommend you not let strangers help you with your bags, and never leave your luggage unattended.

Exiting Baggage Claim Area

After you receiving all your bags, proceed towards the exit, where you will need to show your passport again and security may check inside your bags.

Studio Arabiya Representative

After baggage check, you will be able to walk out and find the Studio Arabiya representative, waiting to help you with your bags and take you to the campus. The representative will have an ID or badge to show they are from Studio Arabiya.

Contact for Help

If you need help, get lost or delayed, or have trouble finding Studio Arabiya’s representative, ask a local or staff member to borrow a phone to call for help. The current contact numbers to call are located in your initial paperwork you received before traveling.


We hope you have safe travels and, as always, you may contact Studio Arabiya for any assistance as you prepare for your big trip!

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