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Traveling to Egypt to learn Arabic is no child’s play, and even more so if you are travelling from a different continent, it becomes more difficult, time-consuming and engaging. In the light of this, one has to exploit every possible avenue in order to ensure one is getting the best Arabic language skills from the Arabic school you’ve chosen. There are numerous Arabic schools in Egypt to choose from, but not all are perfect for your Arabic purpose. Some people travel to Egypt to learn Arabic in Egypt so as to master the Quran while some people travel to study Arabic in Egypt so as to sharpen their Arabic writing, speaking and reading skills. Whatever your motive for travelling to Egypt is, always bear in mind that not all Arabic schools in Egypt offer the same programs. Hence, you must always find the one that offers the exact type of program you desire. You will find below some of the specific things you should look out for in an Arabic school in Egypt, after all not all Arabic schools in Egypt offer some certain programs. 

What to Look for in an Arabic School in Egypt

Do they offer quality immersion programs?

Many Arabic schools in Egypt are always portraying their Arabic schools as the best in the country but not all are ideal for you especially if you are a beginner in Arabic language. Always look for immersion programs in Arabic schools in Egypt and also look at the quality of these programs. Arabic classical programs will give you a solid background in Arabic language and as such if you attend an Arabic school that doesn’t offer the best immersion programs, you may take longer to learn the language and even if you do, you might not be at the level you anticipated to be. If you cannot successfully discern which school offers a better Arabic immersion program, contact someone you trust that can help you through (if possible, a local).

Do they offer customized programs?

This is mainly for those who are looking to become an expert in Arabic language. Some Arabic programs are custom-tailored to meet some certain Arabic demands like the Modern standard Arabic, the Egyptian Arabic etc. If you are in Egypt to learn these versions of Arabic, you may need to look at the profile of the Arabic schools you find around to see which one offers what your desired type of Arabic. Other types of customized Arabic programs are Hifz, and Tajweed programs. If these are your Arabic needs, then you may need to look for Arabic schools in Egypt that offer them. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find many Arabic schools offering them. Therefore, always look for these types of programs in any Arabic school you choose in Egypt.

Is it situated in a safe environment?

The whole point of learning a new language is always to utilize it, whether at work, in business or just because you desire it. Therefore it is important that you always look for securities and safety in all the Arabic schools in Egypt so that the efforts, money and time you’ve spent learning Arabic language wouldn’t be futile. Cairo is one of the safest places in the country; therefore you can look at Arabic schools that are situated in Cairo. Bottom line is this: Always look for safety in any Arabic school you want to select. This should in fact be the first thing you look for in Arabic schools in Egypt, because your safety is paramount to whatever you want to do.

Arabic for kids

If you are traveling to Egypt with your family to study Arabic, you may need to get an Arabic school that offers programs for kids. Programs like “Arabic for kids” may be one of the many things you look out for in these Arabic schools. Many of the Arabic schools in Egypt often offer these types of programs and some even offer strictly Arabic programs for kids. So, it will be important to look for an Arabic school that offers your own program and at the same time programs for your kids so that you can always look out for your family for security and safety purposes. It would be better if you and your family were to learn Arabic language at the same school. This way you are certain about their safety and also the condition under which they are being taught.

Do they offer programs that allow you mingle with locals?

One of the fastest ways to learn a program is to be around those that are speaking it. If you are constantly amidst locals speaking Arabic language, you will learn it faster and better. Always look for the locations in Arabic schools (i.e where they are situated). Are they situated far from locals? Do they allow you mingle with the locals during your program? These amongst many others are the things to look for in Arabic schools in Egypt.

Are they certified?

Do you know that good Arabic schools are always certified by the right authorities? Always look for whether or not an Arabic school is certified and approved. This will assure you that the programs you are taking are within the right curriculum and are accepted anywhere you go. Many cities in Egypt have got an authority responsible for certifying Arabic schools in Egypt. They ensure that these schools operate in accordance with the set standards.

The quality of their graduates

One of the best ways to assess an Arabic school is through their products. Ask around about the graduates from any Arabic school. This will enable you get a better view of the quality of knowledge imparted at that Arabic school. Always look for Arabic schools with excellent products (graduate students). The quality of the students at an Arabic school is always a testament to the quality of scholars, teachers at the school. After all, you can only be as good as you are taught (barring extra efforts though).

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