Are you interested in learning Arabic language? Come to learn Arabic in Egypt. With hospitable locals, best Arabic schools within the globe, great immersion programs and fascinating tourist sites, Egypt is simply the best place to learn Arabic language. There are numerous platforms and schools to choose from within Cairo and all of Egypt to undergo your program but none is as capable as Studio Arabiya Institute in Egypt. So, if you are a foreigner in Egypt searching for where to learn Arabic in Egypt, look no further beyond Studio Arabiya Institute in Egypt. At this Institute, you will learn Arabic language if that’s your goal and you will experience Arabic like never before if that’s your goal too.

If your baffling question has been “ where can I learn Arabic in Egypt ? Studio Arabiya Institute in Egypt is the answer to that. But what stands this institute out among the many Arabic language schools in Egypt? Find out below.


Why You Should Choose Studio Arabiya Institute in Egypt

There are numerous benefits to learning Arabic language at this institute and among these benefits are the available academic programs like:

Arabic Immersion

This Arabic language school (the institute) offers Classical Arabic course which will help you establish a solid background in Arabic language and end with a well-polished comprehension of Arabic. This is one of the building blocks to a smooth Arabic language journey. This course will imbibe certain Arabic language skills in you like reading, writing, speaking and understanding Arabic. The program takes about 1-year to attain completion.

This Arabic language school offers its Classical Arabic Course to guarantee the following features:

  • One year full-time Arabic classes ( 3 hours classes, on average, per day and a total of 5 days every week)
  • Small group classes (this is optional though)
  • Other supplementary activities to enhance your learning process.

Quran Intensive

If you want to study Arabic in Egypt, come to studio Arabiya! Another program you can apply for at this institute is Quran memorization. This course is meant for those who have successfully completed the Arabic immersion phase. Are you done with your immersion program, and you wish to continue your learning curve? Try and enroll for Studio Arabiya’s one year intensive Quran Memorization program. This program will get you more intimate with the Quran because it’s written and taught in Arabic. This way, you will be moving up another level in your quest to become multi-lingual/bilingual.

Al-Azhar University Preparatory 

Sometimes we want to become an expert in a language and not just remain at the basic or intermediate level. If you belong to this category, you may need to consider enrolling for Al-Azhar university preparatory program when you come to Studio Arabiya to learn Arabic in Egypt. After completing your 1-year Arabic program, this Arabic language school will offer you an option to take up this program. It is usually a 9-month program with the sole purpose of taking fluent students through all necessary steps to help them prepare. It will aid you through Al-Azhar high school tests to any college of your choice.

Customized Programs

Some students sometimes have special needs and desires and as such they don’t fit into any of the Arabic program mentioned above. These types of students are better suited to any of the Institute’s customized programs. One of the major benefits presented by this Arabic language school is the availability of customized programs. These customized programs will enable a student to learn Arabic language in a custom-tailored fashion.

Learn Fus’ha

One of the customized programs is the Fus’ha program which allows student to learn strictly classical Arabic. It is one of the oldest languages in the world and the language of the Qu’ran. Your journey to learn Arabic in Egypt will be greatly successful if you’ve come to this Arabic language school to learn Fus’ha. This peculiar study will even place you in good position in case you want to further your study and study higher grade programs like Al Azhar University programs. This classical Arabic program is for all and sundry, from beginners who don’t even know the alphabets to advanced Arabic speakers.

Egyptian Dialect Program

One of the best versions of Arabic that you can ever find is the Egyptian Arabic and the advantage of this version of Arabic is that it enables one to easily learn other versions/dialects. Because it’s one of the most used in the world. At this institute, you can take Egyptian dialect programs through necessary information you are provided with and training.

Hifz and Tajweed Program

Studio Arabiya offers Hifz programs to students who want to memorize the entire Quran and earn their Ijaazah, in one or all of the ten various Qira’at. This program will grant you access to learn Arabic language via one-on-one sessions with a Sheikh (a) or within a small group arrangement.

Other Amazing Factors Why Studio Arabiya is a Good Place to Learn Arabic in Egypt:

The City

Situated in the capital of Egypt (Cairo), Studio Arabiya is indeed a perfect place to learn Arabic language because of the potential of exploring the beautiful city of Cairo and its historical monuments. Your period of study will never be a boring experience because you have tons of places to visit, get to learn a new culture, experience first-hand many of the historical facts you’ve heard about.


Studio Arabiya is located at the heartbeat of Cairo where security is held in the highest regards. When you are considering your options on where you can learn Arabic in Egypt always place your safety first and if you do that, you will only come up with one place in all of Egypt which is – Studio Arabiya.

Qualified Scholars

Studio Arabiya will not only expose you to all the rudiments of Arabic language but will also expose you to the good locals of Cairo thereby enabling your learning process. The best way to learn Arabic in Egypt is to stay around people who speak it fluently. This way you get corrected when you make errors and you are motivated to further improve your s

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