In this article, we will know who are the wives of the prophet Muhammad (the mothers of the believers) and learn about their lives.

Who are the wives of the prophet Muhammad

What is the wife of a prophet called?

The wives of the prophet are called the mothers of the believers.

Who did Prophet Muhammad marry?

Here are the names of the wives of the prophet Muhammad and their stories.

1-     The first wife of the prophet Muhammad, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

The first Muhammad spouse was Khadijah; she was a widow of a wealthy merchant, and with time she thrived on her own in the business. The prophet Muhammed was her business agent but with time Khadijah saw him as a good husband and they got married.

It is said that the prophet was at the age of 25 and Khadijah was 40 when they got married. They had 6 children, among them there were two sons who died in infancy.

She was the support and encouragement for the prophet when the Quran and Islam were revealed to him. The prophet loved her and. He remembered her after her death for the rest of his life.

2-     Sawda bint Zamʿa

Sawdah and her first husband were among the first people who converted to Islam; her husband died and left her alone with young children. Then the prophet married her after he took the approval of her non-Muslim parents.  She was a kind, charitable, and jovial woman.


3-     The wife of the prophet Muhammad, Aisha bint Abu Bakr al-Siddiq:

She was the daughter of the prophet’s closest friend Abu Bakr, he was his friend who was always there for him and gave him the support he needed. Aishah was raised as a Muslim.

When Aishah and the prophet got married they became really close to each other. He loved her so much and she became an intelligent scholar of Islam.

Aisha narrated more than 2000 ahadith; she loved learning and was known for her sharp intelligence and impeccable judgment.

She was one of the three wives of the prophet who memorized the whole Quran, the prophet died in her arms. And she played a big role in the dissemination of Islam for more than 40 years.

4-     Hafsa bint Umar:

Hafsa was the fourth of Mohammed’s wives, she is the daughter of Umar ibn Al-Khattab who is a close person to the prophet peace and blessing be upon him.

She was married at a young age and participated in the migrations to both Abyssinia and Medina. Then she got widowed at a young age. But then she married the prophet Muhammed and linked the Al-Khattab family with the Prophet’s family.

Hafsa and Aish were both the youngest wives of the prophet and they both had similar personalities, they were both strong and determined women.

She was the first woman to memorize the Quran, she married the Prophet for eight years and after his death, she lived for thirty-four years. She became the custodian of the first Mushaf after her father’s death.


5-     Zaynab bint Khuzayma:

She was one of the first wives of the prophet, a little people know about her because she died one year after marrying the prophet. Before marrying the prophet, she was known for her love to help the poor and she was called the mother of the Poor, she was very generous to them.  

No one knows how many times she was widowed before marrying the prophet, but her last husband died in a battle.


6-     The wife of the prophet Muhammad, Ramla bint Abu Sufyan (Um Habeebah):

The daughter of Abu Sufyan a leader of the Quraish, Ramla was also called Um Habeebah. Her father was an enemy of Islam, but she didn’t care and she declared her faith, she suffered from severe consequences but her faith didn’t change.

After all the suffering, Umm Habibah and her husband joined the migration to Abyssinia. But then her husband died leaving her in a country she don’t know with no support and with a young daughter.

When the prophet knew about that he offered to marry her and she accepted, four years later after their marriage the prophet passed away.


7-     Juwayriyya bint Al Harith:

Juwayriyya was the daughter of the chief of Banu Mustaliq; she was 20 years when she was captured in the battle between Muslims and Banu Mustaliq tribe. The prophet married her and brought alignment between her tribe and the Muslims.

Their marriage helped her tribe to convert to Islam with honor instead of feeling defeated. After the announcement of the marriage, all the captives were set free, and the booty of the war was returned to the Banu Mustaliq tribe.

She was married to the prophet for 6 years and after his death, she lived for 39 years.


8-     Maymunah bint Al Harith:

Maymunah offered to marry the prophet and he accepted the marriage. She married the prophet for more than three years until he passed away. 

Her nephew, Ibn Abbas, later became the greatest scholar of the Quran, and he learned much from her knowledge.

9-     The wife of the prophet Muhammad, Safiyya bint Huyayy:

She was the daughter of Huyayy ibn Akhtab the chief of the Jewish tribe Banu Nadir; she was born in Madinah. Banu Nadir got expelled from Madinah and moved to Khaybar. When the Muslims defeated them in the Battle of Khaybar, Safiyya was captured. That’s when the prophet offered her to convert to Islam and she agreed. Then she married the prophet. 

Even though she converted to Islam the prophet wives kept testing her about her Jewish origin, so the prophet told her:

“If they discriminate against you again, tell them that your husband is Muhammad, your father was Prophet Aaron and your uncle was Prophet Musa.  So what is there in that to be scornful about?”

She was only 21 when the prophet died and she lived for 39 years after his death.

10- Zaynab bint Jahsh:

She was from a Nobel family of Quraish, she married Zayd, the prophet Muhammed’s adopted son.

However their marriage was for a short period of time, and the marriage didn’t fit any of them so for their own comfort they got divorced.

Then she married the prophet. Their marriage was mentioned in the Quran to show that the adopted son is not the same as a natural son.

11- Umm Salamah bint Abu Umayyah (Hind bint Abu Umayya):

Umm Salamah married the prophet when she was 29 years old, her first husband died in the battle of Uhud and she was widowed.

Umm Salamah and her husband were part of the migration to Abyssinia, they were among the first people to leave mecca. Her life shows her patience no matter what the situation was. She was forced to separate from her husband, and her son was abducted.

When her husband died called for Allah’s help and she said: “O Lord, reward me for my affliction and give me something better than it in return, which only you, the Exalted and Mighty, can give.”


Who was the last prophet’s wife?

The last wife of the prophet was Maymunah bint Al Harith. She married the prophet for more than three years until he passed away. 

Why did the Prophet Muhammad have so many wives? That’s a question that many people ask and the answer to it is:

The prophet was assisting the widows of his companions.

Making family ties with his comrades (Muhammad married the daughters of Abu Bakr and Umar, while Uthman and Ali married his daughters). As a result, he had familial ties with all four of the first four Caliphs).

By bringing various tribes together via marriage, the word is being spread.

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