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It is now a popular statement among all and sundry that if anyone wants to learn and live in Arabic, they should go always to Egypt to learn Arabic in Egypt. But why should I learn Arabic in Egypt? Is Egypt the only country where Arabic can be learnt? Well, Egypt isn’t the only country where anyone can learn and live in Arabic and in fact there are more than 10 countries where you can go to learn Arabic but like every other aspects of life, some places are simply better than the others. When it comes to learning Arabic, Egypt is such a place! If you are interested in learning, studying, reading and speaking fluently in Arabic, then learn Arabic in Egypt.

Why Should I Learn Arabic in Egypt?

Why You Should Learn Arabic in Egypt

One of the benefits of learning Arabic in Egypt is that the two most popular types of Arabic which are: Aameya (Egyptian Arabic) and Fousha (Modern Standard Arabic) exist in Egypt. If you want to take up Arabic courses in Egypt, you have a chance of taking any of these two versions of Arabic unlike many other countries where Arabic is being taught. Another impressive advantage of learning Arabic in Egypt is that you can even take a combined course which is a combination of these two versions of Arabic language. Aside from the possibility of learning these diverse versions of the Arabic language, there are also the additional benefits of studying numerous Arabic courses in Egypt. This is made possible by the fact that there are numerous Arabic Language Programs one can enroll for in Egypt. Another factor is the level of knowledge and expertise of the scholars and teachers you find at the Arabic Learning Center in Egypt.

Versions of Arabic Available in Egypt


One of the best ways to begin your Arabic learning curve is to work on your Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). MSA is the popularly version of Arabic you hear when you go to or pass by mosques, read newspapers, and on TV in North Africa and many parts of the middle East. If you learn Arabic in Egypt, you will be able to sharpen your Fousha pretty well and by doing so you will be greatly prepared to converse and relate well everywhere you go in the world because MSA is the language of the elite Arab world and it’s what you hear in international conferences of Arabs.


If you are interested in making Arabic a part of your everyday conversation, then you have to learn Egyptian Arabic. This version of Arabic is best taught and best learnt in Egypt and it’s also the most widely spoken type of Arabic. If you want to improve on your speaking fluency, writing and reading skills, there is no better place to do so than in Egypt where there are trained Scholars and teachers whose everyday life has been devoted to teaching the language of Arabic.

Benefits of Learning Arabic in Egypt

Easy Visa and Legal Documentation

When it comes to foreigners moving from their country into another, there is the common issue of legal documentation. Some people sometimes experience Visa rejection and this sort of people find it hard pursuing their Arabic dreams. However, Visa application isn’t so hard to procure in Egypt as the country has a relatively easy immigration system which permits people into the country for different purposes. You can always come to learn Egyptian Arabic without any worries of whether or not you will be granted a Visa to do so.

Friendly Locals

It becomes so easy to learn a language if the native speakers of the language are quite friendly and hospitable. Such is the case in Egypt whose locals are renowned for their friendly habits and lifestyles especially towards foreigners who are interested in learning their language. Therefore, wouldn’t you like to learn Arabic in Egypt? If not to learn Egyptian Arabic, then it would be to experience first-hand the hospitality of Egyptians.

Cheap Cost of Learning

There is always a price to pay for everything in life but when the cost of procuring something becomes outrageous it puts people off. The cost of living in Egypt is relatively cheap and as such you don’t need thousands of dollars to survive in Egypt during your stay. Also worthy of mention is the cost of acquiring the knowledge of Arabic. To learn Egyptian Arabic is one of the cheapest commodities in Egypt because it is the joy of Egyptians to see people interested in their language. Regardless of the type of Arabic Language Program you want to enroll for, the cost of the program will never present a challenge to you because it’s very affordable.

Uniqueness of Language

Egypt is peerless in terms of the uniqueness of its Arabic language. Take all the Arabic speaking countries one by one and you will realize that most of them have mixed dialects, and some of them are Multi-lingual like Morocco. Therefore, Egypt is the best Arabic speaking country for you to learn Modern Standard Arabic and learn Egyptian Arabic thanks to the undiluted dialect and unadulterated Arabic nature.


As fascinating as the prospect of learning Arabic might appear, one still needs to put his/her safety first. What’s the point in learning a language and you end up being dead and not able to exercise the knowledge you’ve acquired? Not so wise! Egypt however, can guarantee your safety to greater extents provided you steer clear of some few regions. The country also boasts of relatively low crime rates everywhere.

Stability of Programs 

When you go to learn in an unstable region, there is every tendency that your stay might be cut short or your program ended abruptly. When such happens, where does it leave you? Go back home and start again? Find another country to start over? These are some possible scenarios when you go to learn Arabic in some unstable countries which are self-destructing and constantly tense. This wouldn’t happen if you choose to learn Arabic in Egypt because this is indeed a stable country with rules and laws in effect. You wouldn’t have the fear or worry of whether someone might come up the next day and scrap your program or chase you out of their country for being a citizen of another country.

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