Academic Immersion Programs

What is a Language Immersion Program?

Language immersion program means your teacher will only teach you using the foreign language. As a language Immersion student, you will acquire the necessary language skills to understand and communicate about the content required depending on each level.

Advantages of Immersion in Arabic Learning

Taking our immersion Arabic program delivers faster results in the levels of confidence in speaking and understanding the language. The immersion program challenges your brain in unique ways while forcing you to engage with the way the language is used. A true immersion environment requires at least a few hours spent speaking the new language, every day. The key ingredient that you must have along with some determination is of course, time. Immersion in the Arabic language cannot happen while you’re spending most of your days out of the foreign language environment.

Research covering more than 40 years of language immersion instruction shows great benefits. Both children and adults, receive a variety of cognitive benefits. Aside of learning a new language, thye get mental flexibility, nonverbal problem-solving abilities, and enhanced critical thinking skills.

Arabic Immersion Programs (to learn the Arabic language)

A language immersion program is by far the fastest way to learn a foreign language. There is no alternative to an Arabic immersion program if you’re serious about learning to speak Arabic. From beginners to advanced, we have an exciting variety of programs for adults. The key elements that make an Arabic immersion program successful are that while you study in small groups every day, you also use your Arabic constantly as you explore your host city and meet new people. Having a conversation with a neighbor or browsing in a shop is not banal when you enroll in an Arabic immersion program in a foreign country. You’ll be learning Arabic every step of the way.

Take a look at our wide variety of Arabic language immersion programs to find the course that’s right for you. Get in contact with us and start planning your language program today!

Class settings

You can take the immersion program for learning the Arabic language and the Quran Memorization Program in small group settings or in private classes.  We recommend you participate in group classes also, as it gives you extra practice in speaking with your peers, as well as helping you learn alongside others to support you.  Choose the option that works best for you and get ready to learn!

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